fourteen strings, one voice, tre musicians

The trio consists of Timmy Gasslander on guitar, the singer Ronja Grafström and Evelina Höglund Åström who plays violin. The members of the trio have a solid background within folk music from varying educations such as Ingesunds Musikhögskola teachers programe, University of Limericks music department as well as the institutions connected to the program Nordic Master in Folk music. Evelina Höglund Åström has previously been playing with the group Taijga and is currently aslo active in the duo Lykke. Timmy Gasslander and Ronja Grafström has previously played in the group Fyra Röda and is currently active in the duo Vingalöf. Furthermore, Timmy plays in the international polka orchestra Løyly and the duo Tim & Jonnic. Ronja is currently active with an interactive photo exhibition on the topic of drinking songs and erotic folk songs. All three has been involved in projects together with, among others, Hans EK, MP3 and Timo Alakotila.

We play Swedish folk music, both traditional melodies and own compositions in a spirit of neotrad; newly composed music with the gestures and structures of traditional folk melodies. On our latest album, we have included the music and the arrangements that we as a group feel the strongest connection towards. It concists of music that has been a part of us and our repertoire for several years, from when we started off as amatuer musicians, up until our current professional carreers. We hope that our engagement with the music, our interplay and joy for music can be felt and heard through our new album.

Timmy Gasslander

Timmy has his roots in Liatorp, Småland. He is a music teacher and freelance guitarist. Timmys artistic capacity has been refined throughout the past couple of years and ranges from attentive and detail oriented melodyplaying to... Timmys instrument makes him more than a guitarist. In TRE he acts as both a cord player, basist, percussionist and harpist. As a musician, Timmy is flexible, attentive and brave, making the music he creates something that appeals to both audiences and fellow musicians more than most. Timmy also composes many of the melodies that TRE performs.

Ronja Grafström

Ronja is a music teacher and freelance vocalist from Sundsvall. The music that Ronja performs and arranges mixes the highs and the lows, from kitchen to the ballroom and is filled with curiosity and a longing to create something new while respecting traditions and origins. Ronja writes all the new lyrics used in the repertoire of TRE. She has always liked playing with words, to twist and turn them to make them usable as song lyrics. This is one of her big passions in her musicianship.

Evelina Höglund Åström

Evelina is a music teacher and a freelancing violinist from Ockelbo. She is currently employed at Sandvikens Culture School where she teaches everything from individual violin lessions to orchestras and bigger projects. Evelinas personal, warm, precise and professional approach is not only seen when she is teaching, it also shines through in her artistic work. Her violin playing wanders between soft and close, to rough and the urge to dance is a constant when she's playing. Evelinas rythmical preciseness and focused interplay makes her artistic expression stand out. Evelina composes a lot of the melodies in the repertoire of TRE.